Laptop screen repair

      for only  €39,95 (excl. display)

Did your laptop screen crack or break? Techvice can help instantly with fast and cheap service. Common problems can be:

  • Screen failure.
  • horizontal/vertical lines across the screen.
  • Distortion of the image when opening or closing the laptop.
  • Cracks and/or scratches on the screen.
  • Spots on the screen or strange colors.
  • Low lighting (screen dimmed, backlighting broken)

   We repair all screen sizes and all brands
Wether the format is 10" or 15,6" .

   We only use high quality replacement parts
This way you will keep the kwality you are used to.

   3 month warranty
If the repair did not satisy your needs, you can always contact us. We will try our best to give the best solution for the problem.

  • After intake we will perform diagnostics on your device. This diagnose is always free upon accepting the offered repair after diagnosis. If we can't offer you a repair the diagnostic is also free. In all other cases we have a €25 fee for diagnosis.
3-month guarantee is standard included with all repairs. In case a longer guarantee term is preferred, an upgrade to 6 or 12 months is available for almost all repairs. Our guarantees are valid for the performed repairs.
Our repairs usually take 1 business day (24u), early in-takes can be picked up the next day. If the diagnostics are more extensive we reserve the right to change the repair time. A repair time for non-standard repairs will be provided after analysis.


We work appointment based. Our repair times are with reservation. In case the offered repair is declined after analysis, the diagnostic fee is €25.