RatesWe Have Fixed rates

Certain repairs can only be performed at home / delivering the pc is cheaper.

Repair - when delivering the PC brengen Price
Virus Removal* € 29,95
Windows reinstall or windows 8 upgrade upgrade € 49,95
Computer cleanup and speedboost € 29,95
Backup / Backup + Windows 8 (re)install € 39,95 / € 69,95
Computerupgrade** Price after analysis
Computerhardware repair or replacement** Price after analysis
Improve PC Safety (incl. antivirus) € 24,95
Data recovery (USB, Hard drive) starts at € 59.95


Specifieke laptop reparaties Prijs
laptop broken icon Laptopscreen repair (Excl. display cost ) € 39,95
DC-Jack (power socket) repair** € 79.95
Cleanup internal parts/ dustfree € 49.95
Graphic card repair (reflow) € 79.95
Keyboard replace/repair** € 79.95
Laptop invertor replace/repair** € 69.95


Repair - at home aanhuis Price
Virus Removal* € 39,95
(Wireless) Network installation/ Modem installation/ Wifi-upgrade € 49,95
Windows reinstall or windows 8 upgrade € 59,95
Computer cleanup and speedboost € 39,95
Backup / Backup + Windows 8 (re)install € 49,95 / € 79,95
Computerupgrade** at home Price after analysis
Computerpart repair or replacement** Price after analysis
Improve PC Safety (incl. antivirus) € 34,95


Emergency repair*** € 19,95 extra

Nieuwbutton Pick-up & return service € 19,95  per / pc

Remote pc support € 29,95 per session

*If the PC has been infected in a way that it cannot be fixed properly, a windows reinstall must be executed. If there are important files located on the infected drive, a backup must be included. (see rates)

**After analysing the system. It can be determined which parts need to be replaced, before acutally replacing them you will be notified and you can always cancel the repair without having to pay additional costs.

***Emergency repairs are always possible. Your PC will be ready (on average) in 24 hours. Emergency repairs have a different pricing table > (normal rate) +€19,95

  • After intake we will perform diagnostics on your device. This diagnose is always free upon accepting the offered repair after diagnosis. If we can't offer you a repair the diagnostic is also free. In all other cases we have a €25 fee for diagnosis.
3-month guarantee is standard included with all repairs. In case a longer guarantee term is preferred, an upgrade to 6 or 12 months is available for almost all repairs. Our guarantees are valid for the performed repairs.
Our repairs usually take 1 business day (24u), early in-takes can be picked up the next day. If the diagnostics are more extensive we reserve the right to change the repair time. A repair time for non-standard repairs will be provided after analysis.


We work appointment based. Our repair times are with reservation. In case the offered repair is declined after analysis, the diagnostic fee is €25.